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This document represents research of expediency of introduction of additions and changes in economic activity of the city center for privatization for further introduction in practice.

The first function is connected with possibility of use for development of the concept, business strategy. This function is vital as during creation of the enterprises, and development (a choice of new activities.

The last type of service – property sale by means of placement of information in the Internet. The most perspective view of activity as this service is not offered currently by any of the firms which are engaged in property sale.

For this reason the culture of behavior of the worker of a services sector includes rules of the address, manner, ability correctly, shortly and accurately to express the thoughts, to observe speech etiquette. Politeness testifies to culture of the person, his relation to work and to collective.

Tariff rates of workers, official salaries of employees are applied as a basis of further calculations for a salary (personal extra charges, surcharges for combination of professions and expansion of zones of service or increase in amount of completed work, an award).

The first section contains summary on requisites of the enterprise, its branch or other accessory, the head's coordinate, history of creation, development and a current state of the enterprise, its achievement and failure.

Quantitative risk analysis of the project (the analysis of sensitivity) was not carried out as developers of the business plan do not find it possible to carry out it with the demanded reliability degree at this stage in view of uncertainty of many basic data.

This section contains legal and economic information which main objective creation of a clear idea at the potential sponsor about is giving a clear idea of the estimated project.

Technological hazards are miscalculations in a choice of the equipment, a problem with its maintenance, acquisition of low-quality raw materials and materials, not achievement of design capacity. These risks are estimated as below an average and can be minimized the next ways:

The retained net profit can be used on formation of additional funds, purchase of new equipment and equipment carrying out reorganization, purchase of fixed assets, or on further expansion of activity.

Risk of a solvency of initiators of the project. Considering that the project is submitted economically reasonable, and a financial condition of the city center for privatization rather steady, this risk is represented low.

The retained net profit will be used on formation of additional funds, purchase of new equipment and equipment carrying out reorganization, purchase of fixed assets, or on further expansion of activity.

Clients, as a rule, already have a certain notion of the enterprise and its services. Therefore one of main objectives of workers will be rendering positive influence on this representation, development of good reputation. There is nothing more difficult, than to struggle with bad reputation!

In the analysis of real estate it was considered that the share of real estate of individuals and subjects of non-state form of ownership is very insignificant. It is formed generally at the expense of the privatized apartments, the housing and production estates acquired at auctions of objects of municipal property or the enterprises.