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The third distinctive feature of mental activity of the person - transfer of public experience. Both the animal and the person have in the arsenal known experience of generations in the form of instinctive actions on a certain type an irritant. Both that and another gain personal experience in various situations which are offered to them by life. But only the person appropriates public experience. public experience takes the dominating place in behavior of the certain person. The mentality of the person in the greatest measure is developed by the public experience which is passed on to him. From the moment of the birth the child seizes directions of use of tools, ways of communication. Mental functions of the person qualitatively change thanks to mastering the certain subject tools of cultural development of the person. At the person the highest develop, actually human, functions (any memory, any attention, abstract thinking.

Work i.e. such activity which is made by people at joint production and the use of tools was the factor influencing on transformation of a monkey into the person, herds - in society.

In the history of mankind thanks to language there was a reorganization of reflective opportunities: reflection of the world in a brain of the person most adequately. Each certain person thanks to language uses the experience developed in centuries-old practice of society, he can gain knowledge of such phenomena, with which it personally when did not meet. Besides, language gives the chance to the person to realize the content of the majority of sensual impressions.

So, for example, at change of temperature of the environment the speed of chemical reactions in an organism changes: at temperature increase the speed of reaction increases, at decrease - decreases, and at considerable increase or fall of temperature the unicell perishes. Certainly, the same will happen to any live organism if to place it in conditions with very low temperature. However there is an essential difference in behavior of the highest animals in similar conditions.