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Nee Batasheva is described by the boulevard poet, the last differed still in naivety in talk. So, having come back from abroad, she told that in Paris invented and brought some transparent shirts of which she spoke with delight into big fashion:

This prince Golitsyn at the end of XVIII and at the beginning of the XIX centuries was famous for the amusing and successful caricatures on society of that time; during a young time he was Karamzin's rival in warm adventures.

Vatkovsky about whom the poet speaks consisted the chamberlain at the big yard, and the younger brother his Ivan served in the regiment and was kneaded in known shvartsovsky history. Vatkovskiye were sons of famous Ivanovich who, ordering the regiment, promoted Ekaterina to accession to the throne. Vatkovsky about whom it is told in verses, differed in unusual obesity - he at the end of the life do not leave Voltairian chairs. Vatkovsky was also known in society, as the entertaining story-teller.