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On the basis of membership the member cooperative collective representing itself the full owner of cooperative is formed. The collective and each of his members carry out production and economic and other activity, operate cooperative.

Control of cooperative is exercised by general meeting of members of cooperative (meeting of representatives), board of cooperative and the supervisory board of cooperative created in consumer cooperative without fail in production cooperative in case the number of members of cooperative makes not less than 5 Supreme body of management of cooperative of any kind, including all agricultural cooperatives, is a general meeting or meeting of representatives; without it functioning of cooperative, cooperative democracy are impossible.

the damage is caused to cooperative by non-performance by the member of cooperative of the duties provided by the charter of cooperative, or to cooperative claim requirements as a result of non-performance by the member of cooperative of the obligation are imposed;

Agricultural consumer cooperative (further - consumer kooperat the agricultural cooperative created by agricultural producers (citizens and (or) legal entities) on condition of their obligatory participation in economic activity of consumer cooperative admits.

subject and purposes of activity of cooperative. Thus it is enough to define one of the main directions of activity of cooperative with the instruction that the cooperative can be engaged in any activity within the purposes for which achievement the cooperative is formed;

Consumer cooperatives can be and the mixed type, i.e. engaged in several kinds of activity: for example, processing of agricultural production, its sale and transport service of rural producers.